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Total Golf Software™ Group Management Product

Dogfight, Nassau, Weekend Foursome - We handle 'em all!

Whatever you call the groups at your facility, Total Golf Software™ can handle them.

You know the groups, the ones that have the massive three ring binder - or several of them, that argue for half an hour to make up the teams, that spend another 15 minutes getting the scorecards ready and points assigned. And then afterwards some poor guy is stuck with the paperwork and hands it to his secretary to input into a spreadsheet.

The Total Golf Software™ Group Management System changes all of that!

The Total Golf Software™ Group Management System focuses on games that are played. Point based, score based, running totals - all the things that tend to fall outside of the typical handicap system's capabilities. The TGS Group Management System takes care of the core group golfers.
  Best of all, the program makes the cryptic nature of the groups accessible. These groups are notorious for players unable to understand how their average is calculated, who did what that day, why one team won and one team didn't, etc. By creating an avenue to view information online after one has returned home or even the next day at the office, the Group Management System makes groups make sense and makes information available to everyone - not just the poor guy stuck with the job of keeping up with it!

The Total Golf Software™ Group Management System is our flagship product which originated as YourGolfGroup in 2005.

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